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Active Fire and Smoke Curtains, once installed, are the discreet and effective choice for meeting fire safety requirements in open plan buildings.

Active Fire and Smoke Curtains can be installed so they only leave a visible shadow gap, remaining invisible until the moment of deployment. This allows building designers to remove non-loadbearing plasterboard walls and expensive fire-resistant glazing while maintaining compartmentation, ensuring that your space is fully protected from fire and smoke.
Active Fire and Smoke Curtains can be manufactured for any custom size, with multiple configuration options, and a selection of specialist performance types, so no matter your space, we have the Active Fire and Smoke curtain you need. 
Active Fire and Smoke Curtains also allow you to meet environmental targets, while also providing appropriate and essential fire safety. You can start your journey towards making a difference for the planet, using products you need, without concern for their ongoing environmental impact. 

Our Pledge

Our journey towards sustainability has started!

We have started to make a change by controlling business operations. 

  • All company vehicles – including owned, hired, or contract hire cars,  are 100% electric or hydrogen-powered. Not hybrid, not mild hybrid, not partially this or partially CO2 that. 100% clean, green fuel.

  • All our company uniforms are made from 100% recycled materials.

  • All our company energy is now sourced from 100% renewable sources, as of 2021.

  • All our packaging will be recycled and recyclable by 2023.

Because the environment matters; it's where we live, work, and go on holiday. Clean air; clean countrysides; clean rivers; clean cities: for today and tomorrow. For us and for our grandkids. So we, and they can enjoy the clean, fresh air and the same great, everlasting outdoors.

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