10 things to check about your Fire Curtain Call-Out service.

1. Are Call-Out responses available within 48-hours?

While Call-Out response times occur most frequently before 48-hours, Adexon will ensure they reach you within this time, to ensure that you are not left with effective fire protection.

2. Is the pricing for Call-Outs and repairs to your Fire Curtains transparent? Are there hidden costs?

Nothing niggles more than having to search for prices!

We wouldn’t tolerate it when buying a new pair of jeans, so why is it acceptable for companies to hide pricing from potential clients?

Always ensure pricing, even if it is an estimated price, is transparent and clear, that way you can be sure you are getting a fair deal.

3. Are emergency engineers suitably experienced and skilled with Fire Curtains?

Experience in the Fire Industry ensures that no matter the make, model, or specification of your Fire Curtain, the engineer responding to your Call-Out can handle anything you throw at them!

It also means that they may be able to carry out any repairs that do not require extra parts.

4. Are Call-Outs available out-of-business-hours, on weekends, and bank holidays?

Just as with life, damages can occur at any time. As such, you need a Call- Out company who can be with you on a Tuesday lunchtime and on Easter Sunday.

If your current Call- out team does not offer truly out-of-hours services then you leave yourself at risk of inadequate protection.

5. Does your Call-Out service charge fair mileage costs?

With recent fuel prices increasing, companies pricing for mileage may have increased. However, as mileage costs are calculated to allow engineers to reach your site, they should always only cover the mileage of the appropriate staff member/s.

It is important to ensure that your charged mileage costs cover only the mileage and are not used to artificially inflate prices. You can check this by asking what the company charges per mile and calculating it yourself if you are unsure.

Are mileage costs with your current supplier what you would consider to be fair?

Fire Curtain side guides and headboxes in a range of colours: red, black, grey, and white.

6. Does your Call-Out service cover the whole of the UK?

Some companies will have offices throughout the UK and therefore will likely have engineer teams that can reach you no matter where you live.

Others may not, which means that they will only cover specific regions of England and may not cover the rest of the UK at all.

Adexon has three offices, ideally located to ensure they can reach the whole of the UK.

7. Are all communications swift, efficient, and comprehensive?

Clear, punctual communication is essential for ensuring that everyone is kept up-to date with key information.

When dealing with life-saving equipment, there can be no room for confusion or misinformation, and therefore all communication must be upfront, honest, and clearly explained. If it is not, in can lead to mistrust and frustration with your servicing team.

8. Do you get an exhaustive report (including photographs) from your Call-Out?

At the completion of each and every Call- Out, your engineer should provide you with an exhaustive report, with photographs to explain the fault. This should then be explained to the responsible person on site and will be sent over to the office for our records.

This means that there is a clear record for your Fire Curtain maintenance and that any quotes for further works can be carried out without delay. It will also certify that engineers can locate, rectify, and demonstrate correct of the fault on the return visit, removing further delays.

9. Is technical support readily available?

As with all specialist equipment, sometimes an expert really is needed.

If you cannot access technical support when you need it, it can increase stress levels, cause delays and inevitably ends up costing you more.

At Adexon we think that everyone deserves access to industry experts to allow for the rapid rectification of errors and faults, and consequently technical support is available to all who need it.

10. Are remedial works undertaken in a timely manner after the initial Call-Out?

Sometimes repairs cannot be undertaken in the Call- Out appointment and a return visit is needed. This is especially true of the engineer requires specialist parts or lifting equipment such as MEWPS.

It is of the upmost importance however that this remedial visit is completed in a timely manner to ensure that

A) Your building, and building users, remain safe from the harmful effects of smoke and fire.

B) Your insurance is still valid.

11. Do you have a just-in-case option?

To quote Benjamin Franklin, ‘by failing to prepare you are preparing to fail.’

It is always prudent to consider multiple servicing companies to allow for a plan B option. Fire safety cannot wait for a more convenient time and having multiple options for trusted companies allows you peace of mind and will keep your building, and building users, better protected in the long run.

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