10 things to check about your Fire Curtain servicing package.

1. Does each Fire Curtain have its own Servicing and Maintenance package?

Just as each car requires its own MOT, every Fire Curtain must have its own servicing package to ensure they can unequivocally provide the protection they advertise.

2. Is each Fire Curtain serviced twice-yearly as a minimum?

Bi-annual servicing and maintenance provides clients with peace of mind and certainty and ensures that every aspect of the Fire Curtain remains standard appropriate and can therefore be relied on, every time.

3. Does your servicing package cover every curtain on site?

If every Fire Curtain in your building is not routinely inspected and maintained, you cannot be sure that it will function as expected in a fire situation and provide life-saving protection from the harmful effects of smoke and fire.

4. Does your servicing company have a comprehensive checking and reporting system for each Fire Curtain?

Every Adexon service covers your Fire Curtain from electrics to mechanics, the fabric to smoke seals and concludes with an inspection survey. This survey will be safely stored with us on our system, and you will be given a copy for your records.

5. Are your servicing engineers appropriately skilled and experienced?

Adexon engineers are long-standing within the Fire Curtain industry and as such can provide the expertise and experience needed to ensure your Fire Curtains are up to standard and can continue to save lives.

They will have years of experience with a wide variety of Fire Curtain makes and models, meaning they will be hard to surprise on-site. This longevity in the industry ensures they can diagnose and fix issues without having to consult others or refer the project on to more senior staff, removing potential delays.

An engineer in a yellow high-vis jacket and white hard had works near a window

6. Is a battery replacement included in each package?

Battery replacement must occur without fail every 2-years to ensure that the Fire Curtain system can still descend in a fire situation if mains power is lost.

If not replaced every 2-years, batteries are subject to chemical build up, rendering them faulty.

For more information on this process, read on here!

7. Is the pricing for repairs to your Fire Curtains easily available?

Pricing for repairs can be found on our ‘Services’ page and can be easily obtained from our friendly office staff if you require a change to the advertised packages.

8. Is your servicing package available out-of-business-hours, on weekends, and bank holidays?

Building usage times differ widely between industries and as such, servicing needs to match this flexibility. Adexon engineers can work to, and around, your time frames, making them completely flexible to your assets needs.

9. Does your servicing company take care of your servicing process for you?

Do you have to remember to arrange servicing? Adexon’s office team handle all servicing requirements, including arranging your servicing appointment: taking another item off your to-do list!

10. Does your servicing company have historic experience dealing with your site and Fire Curtain system? Can you give them a quick call?

Do you wish you could rely on a company that knows the site, the specific site requirements, and your Fire Curtain systems without having to explain it every time you call?

Adexon pride themselves on being at the end of the phone, with the historic insight into your unique circumstance- so you don’t have to explain it all over again!

11. Does your Fire Curtain servicing company mean you can sleep well at night? Do they remove a worry from your ever-growing to-do list?

Scheduled Maintenance and Serving is designed to ensure appropriate standards are continually met and remove a common pain point for our customers.

If your servicing company doesn’t take a load off your mind, it may be worth considering shopping around.

Sometimes, the grass is greener!


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