Adexon® are Heading Home for Christmas!

Updated: Apr 21

Whether we are driving, catching a ferry, or jumping on a plane- the Adexon® staff will be turning the key to the office one last time before the festive season overtakes us!

But what will we be doing once off?

What are you looking forward to most about Christmas this year?

Tom: Hopefully this year we will have no restrictions and will be able to see all the family this year unlike last. I would really enjoy seeing my son have an amazing day with everyone that is precious to us.

Jess: Like Tom, I will hopefully be able to spend the day with my in-laws with feelings of peace. Hopefully, the restrictions will ease so that nobody must spend Christmas alone, I imagine that would be difficult.

Jack: I will be looking forward to getting home to see my family (so cliché, yes, I know). This is my first time living in a different country so will be good to get home to spend time with them. I’ve missed the Irish craic.

Jamie: I will be completing a yearly review and setting goals of what I want to achieve next year. Then I will probably be singing Fairytale of New York at the top of my lungs in a local drinking establishment!

Charles: Spending time with various family and friends, and a few days out in the Lakes and North Wales- weather permitting!

Will you have family over, or go to see anyone special this year?

Tom: We will be waking up at our house, then going to my mums, where my wife’s family will be joining us.

Jess: We usually spend Christmas day with my in-laws and see my side of the family across the festive period. This year, restrictions allowing, my Mum will be coming up on the 27th for another mini-Christmas. Any excuse to drag it out and to eat more pigs in blankets!

Jack: I will be back at the family home so it will be nice, and I get to see the most special person ever. My dog Lulu!

Jamie: No extended family; however, I will be spending Christmas with my close family, my mother, father, and sister.

Charles: Yes, restrictions permitting we will be staying away with family and having some in return for a weekend.

Do you have any traditions you will be looking forward to this festive season?

Tom: We always have Christmas Eve Family Night. We all get together on Christmas eve, the children do Christmas eve boxes, loads of food is put on and we play games with prizes.

Jess: Every year I make a Christmas ham and in recent years I have started baking my own Christmas cake and decorating that. We held a virtual Christmas quiz on Boxing Day last year that we may do again also.

Jack: Well! The only tradition that I ensure I follow each year, is the good old Irish tradition of consuming a lot of alcohol.


I enjoy a hot toddy on Christmas Eve, made with good whisky, honey, lemon and hot water.

Charles: No, not really – unless you call taking a break a tradition!

Is there anything Particularly Special this Year?

Jess: Mike (my husband) and I will be celebrating our first Christmas as Mr and Mrs Lace! Also, this will be our first festive season with our lovely dog Jude, who has never had a Christmas before, so we look forward to showing him what it is all about- and enjoying a bracing walk Christmas morning!

Jack: As I’ve said, it’s my first year living away from home, so it’s good to appreciate spending time with those close to you.

Charles: It is a good opportunity to reflect on the year past and the year to come and review what I could have done better, or more of, that helps others.

From all of us to all of you- Merry Christmas!


All images were personal photographs, donated by staff.

Cover image from, courtesy of jéshoots.

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