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Multiple times each week, content is created by Adexon for you, with Jessica taking the lead on researching and creating articles specifically for the fire and construction industries.

This content is designed to provide valuable information about the fire and construction industries by showcasing invaluable knowledge and insight into the issues we are facing now and into the future. Jessica has an analytical, research-based approach to creating these articles and always focuses on accuracy, and challenging 'good enough' standards, when the benchmark should be much higher.

As a result of this, this content provides information that's fresh, fully researched, trustworthy, and always relevant to you.

As a gifted researcher and writer, Jessica was recruited by Adexon in October 2021 as a content creator and has deeply personal reasons for promoting Active Fire Protection. In this feature, she explains why communicating fire safety to people is more than just a job to her.

Why am I passionate about fire safety?

My passion for fire safety comes from a very sad and personal chapter in my family’s history.

We have a close member of the family, Joanne, who lost two of her four children in a house fire. While she was trying to rescue them, she injured herself so badly that she lost her lower legs and was confined to a wheelchair, up until the day she died in 2020.

Tragically, the fire was started by one of Joanne’s children which highlights the importance of fire awareness and fire safety, particularly in the home.

This devastating family story means that keeping homes and people safe from fire, especially preventable fires, is very important to me.

My way of trying to improve fire safety and fire awareness is to create content to educate and inform my readers and improve their understanding of the dangers of smoke and fire in a digestible way.

Why am I a good fit for the job?

I completed two theses at university, which was excellent training for researching and presenting information to the highest standard. As such, long-form content from Adexon is always comprehensively researched, thoroughly referenced, and I believe, valuable to the readers. It’s important to provide good practical advice, that could even save a life one day.

It’s my job to make technical content more personal, more engaging, and to educate readers who want to prevent fire hazards from occurring. Providing awareness of the benefits of Active Fire Protection, such as Fire Curtains, can give people extra security, as well as peace of mind.

Adexon plans to be a trusted source of information in the industry and as such, content must be accurate, up-to-date, and genuinely helpful to our readers.

How does our content help customers and the wider public?

Unless you work within the fire industry or happen to be the trained fire marshal in your workplace, you were probably never exposed to much fire education, apart from the occasional fire drills and evacuation procedures.

It may not even massively interest you, and you may see it as mundane.

However, reading our content answers questions about important aspects of fire safety will increase awareness, leaving you more prepared should a fire occur.

Similarly, that increased awareness of Active Fire Safety Products allows for a plan B. It alerts readers and should make them consider how prepared they are and encourage them to review their properties current fire safety standards.

This also allows for their preliminary questions to be answered, so they can build a bedrock of understanding of the available fire safety products, leading them to make more informed decisions if they find themselves in need of improved prevention and protection systems.

Thanks for joining us for the first instalment of ‘Adexon: Specialists in…’.

Look out next month for ‘Adexon: Specialists in Design’ when we speak to Jamie, our design and installations manager.

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