Adexon: Specialists in Design

Whenever a project is brought to Adexon, Jamie takes the lead in examining drawings and finding well-thought-out safety solutions for all your fire and smoke needs.

Jamie has an analytical approach to reading or creating drawings and always focuses on accuracy. He challenges the 'good enough' standards, as he, alongside all who work at Adexon, believes the benchmark of fire safety should be much higher. As a result of this, the drawings provided by Jamie and the Adexon team are precise, trustworthy, and always bespoke to the fire safety you need.

As a design engineer with technical understanding, Jamie was recruited by Adexon in 2018 and he explains in this feature why designing fire safety systems is more than just a job to him.

Jamie stood in front of some natural greenery, wearing a navy jumper, royal blue trousers, and a navy tie.

Why am I passionate about good design?

To me, design shapes how we live our lives, for better or for worse. As such, we should study and invest in design for the betterment of all.

This may mean always looking for the simplest, most effective way to do things, including saving lives. This can thus be applied to the Fire Industry with a continued focus on life-saving equipment.

The Fire Industry and Fire Curtains have been subject to a lack of engineering standards and have had a lack of a “let’s do things right the first time,” attitude. As identified by Dame Judith Hackitt in the wake of the Grenfell Tower disaster, I feel there is a ‘race to the bottom’ ideology present in the Construction Industry but also found in the Fire Industry and I want to be a part of the shift to alter this.

With tighter standards, there can be a change to the quality we see reflected in the Automotive and Aerospace Industries. In the Fire Industry, there is a similar possibility of change and young engineers can have a huge impact, in an up-and-coming industry, all in a matter of years, rather than lifetimes.

Why am I a good fit for the job?

My formal educational background stems from a Product Design Engineering degree. This combines the engineering side, which is predominantly back end, and the manufacturing side which focuses on taking the product and making it work, from the consideration of materials all the way to the mechanics of operation.

This is beneficial for our customers because it means that the Adexon team have the capability, experience, and confidence to handle highly specific situations, be they with difficult locations, or with specialised features and requirements.

It is also beneficial because we have an increased scope from a typical Fire Curtain engineer. As we are involved with the wider Construction Industry, we have knowledge that includes the fixings, and the building materials utilised, so don’t have to spend time researching an industry we are unfamiliar with. With cross-industry knowledge, we can work with any number of professionals on a project to ensure that the fire protection is correctly installed and maintained and can save lives.

How do our in-house design help customers and the wider public?

The in-house design allows for the entire buying process to be monitored by the same team.

This is valuable for clients as it ensures that we can ensure they are getting the fire protection that they genuinely need. This is important to us as we often see that many customers are advised to fit Fire Curtains on site but remain uninformed about the specifications they need.

Leaving them open to ordering the wrong product.

Adexon is experienced with working with all drawing types, including DWG, PDF, BIM files or 3D models, and can produce drawings to suit the project in hand, from a tier 1 contractor to a local construction company. This makes us approachable and helpful for a wide range of customers, as any level of Fire and Smoke Curtain education can be catered for and supported.

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Thanks for joining us for the second instalment of ‘Adexon: Specialists in…’

Look out next month for ‘Adexon: Specialists in Fire Safety,’ when we speak to Tom, our business development manager.

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