Au Revoir Jack!

This month one of our fellow marketers will be leaving us to return to the University of Ulster Jordanstown to finish his degree in Communications, Advertising, and Marketing- CAM for short.

A headshot of Jack, who is wearing a pink shirt and tie with a silver tie clip. The background is a leafy hedge.

With plans to achieve a first-class degree once he returns, let’s pick his brain before he leaves, to see what else is on the horizon for him!

What is next in your journey?

I plan to finish my university course and earn a first-class degree. I have every intention of scoring above 82% specifically, to triumph in the office degree competition.

I will also continue to develop as a part-time day trader in Cryptocurrency and Forex. I believe these alternative currencies, stocks, and shares will continue to grow and will help me buy my own tropical island paradise one day!

We will also all see Arsenal re-enter the Champions League, that is definitely going to happen!

What have you enjoyed most about living in Liverpool?

City life has been amazing, it is very different from the sleepy town I come from, and it has been a lot of fun being so close to the centre of town.

Living in a different country has also increased my independence and having so many of my Irish friends around me has been a blast.

Two dogs playing with a sock in the garden on a sunny day. One is lighter blonde and smaller, the other is older and more caramel brown.

Lulu and Millie playing in the garden.

What have you missed most about Ireland?

Without a shadow of a doubt, I have missed my family and my dogs Lulu and Millie the most. I have gone back on visits and for family events, like when my god-daughter River was christened, but being able to see them more often will be lovely.

What will you take with you from your time with Adexon?

The Adexon office is the first office-based job I have ever had, and I believe I have taken to it well.

I have been held accountable for my own workload which has been an experience, and I have developed my skills by working with my colleagues and experienced professionals. Working with them has taught me a lot about myself, and about life, and I will not forget them in a hurry!

Jack in a white shirt, maroon jacket and navy trousers and tie, pose in front of a garden white painted wall.

Jack the morning of his first day with Adexon.

What is your proudest moment from working with Adexon?

I am proud that I have led the company's marketing channels with little-to-no industry experience, including launching PPC and growing the company's LinkedIn page to over 600 followers, 631 to be precise!

Everyone here in the Adexon offices will feel the impact of Jack leaving.

We’ll miss his sense of humour, curiosity, and can-do attitude the most, but we wish him well on the rest of his journey and hope to see him back in the office once he graduates.

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