Case Study: Bluebell Park

Winner - Residential Property - RICS Awards, North West 2016

‘Housing association First Ark’s first extra care development was designed by PRP to deliver 101 new homes for affordable rent, including seven apartments for dementia sufferers alongside 21 shared-ownership apartments plus a restaurant, lounge areas, hairdressing salon and activity rooms.’[1]

Described as the ‘“supported living[…] model for the future,”’ by Bob Taylor, CEO of the First Ark Group, to which KHT belongs, the care village will help to ‘” address some of the strain placed upon our hospitals and reduce public costs to the NHS and social care budgets,”’[2] allowing people to live as independently as possible, for as long as possible.

Alternate views of Bluebell Park

‘This contemporary building has been sensitively integrated into its wider surroundings with the two blocks enclosing a new public square as well as generous landscaped gardens, providing effective privacy for residents.’[3]


Based in Huyton, a town in the Metropolitan Borough of Knowsley, the area boasts good travel connections to Liverpool and a bustling town centre known for its mix of well-known and independent shopping destinations, providing residents of Bluebell Park, now Milner Court and Crawford Gardens, with excellent local amenities.

Adexon® were delighted to work in conjunction with Bullock Construction (now United Living) and PRP, to install Active Fire systems, with Fire Curtains and a Fire Shutter, to prevent the spread of Fire and Smoke through the buildings corridor atriums to upper or lower levels. This ensures compartmentation principles of the building are maintained and stops the spread of fire to other levels of the building.

Logos for United Living and PRP


Upon building completion, the property was to be used by residents who could be living with Dementia, or other impactful health conditions. As such, this meant that the average escape time usually associated with building users would increase, and therefore the number of minutes of protection would need to be increased alongside it. This was addressed by installing 60-minute integrity ‘e’ rated Fire Curtains and Fire Shutters.

Gardens of Bluebell Park


Adexon® installed 4 ADEXON-FCe60 integrity ‘e’ rated Fire Curtains which limits and controls the spread of fire with a minimum of 60-minutes of protection. This provides staff, residents, and the emergency services 60-minutes of guaranteed fire escape time, necessary in a project designed to be used by vulnerable adults.

The first floor of Bluebell Park required two Active Fire Curtains to cover the exposed sides of a mezzanine floor, which allowed for an increase in natural light on the main corridor to the bedrooms. This was repeated on the second floor. (See diagram below.)

Diagram to show installation positions of Adexon Fire Curtains

These cut-outs allowed for what would be a dark corridor to be filled with light, making it a pleasant route for staff and residents to walk across, and brings mood-lifting benefits, long associated with increased access to natural light.

In the next building, an Adexon-FRS60 Fire Shutter was installed to provide boundary protection for the servery in the restaurant. The Fire Shutter also provides 60-minutes of fire resistance level with hardier levels of protection from knocks and impact. Given the kitchen environment, a Fire Curtain could be punctured or torn if deployed when kitchen equipment or utensils are in use nearby, and a Fire Shutter makes for a sturdier alternative.

Staff image of Adexon Fire Shutter in situ

Staff image of the Bluebell Park Fire Shutter.


All Adexon Fire Curtains were installed between late October and early November 2014, with the Fire Shutter installation being completed by mid-December. This was in line with quoted time frames and answered all requirements from the client. This allowed for good relationships to be maintained with Bluebell Park and resulted in future Scheduled Maintenance and Servicing (SMS) packages being taken out for the Fire Curtains and Fire Shutter, which continues to date.

Side of Bluebell Park site


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