Happy 10 Years Eileen!

Earlier this year, our beloved Accounts Manager Eileen celebrated her 10-year anniversary with the company.

Eileen, or Mrs Reliable as she is known to us in the office, is described by all who know her as a hardworking, helpful tea-addict, who is generous, and funny, and we are ever thankful for her here at the Adexon office. Never one to leave a task uncompleted, a teacup empty, or a subcontractor uncharmed, we can be sure that without Eileen, we would not be where we are today.

But what does Eileen think of the past 10-years, and is she signing up for another decade?

We made a cup of tea and had a chat to find out!

Do you have any standout memories of your first day?

Having worked part-time with CUBEX for 5-years prior to starting full-time, it was very familiar to me from the beginning.

What was your favourite project to-date?

I would have to say 100 Bishopsgate. It was challenging but very rewarding.

What has been the biggest challenge on a project?

London Development Project was challenging due to the logistical demands of the project. The building had a crane in the middle of it, which was how they got supplies, including plant, onto site.

This meant that everything had to booked in and carried out very precisely, even a delivery taking longer than expected to be off-loaded would result in delays to everyone involved in the timetable of deliveries, as waiting was not possible. As such, vehicles were then turned away by the police. This then required another slot to be booked for delivery!

What would you say is your superpower?

Patience, I think!

What would others say your superpower is?


What have you been most proud of in your professional life?

My ability to learn how to use new technology. Software changes come in quickly and you have to learn how to use them from the get-go, which can be challenging!

Where would you like to see Adexon in the next 10-years?

A completely automated manufacturing process would be great to see and seeing a change in the market to allow for more collaboration between competitors.

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