How to Order a Fire Curtain

Updated: May 6

If you have enjoyed our content, either on the new website or on our socials, you may now be looking to see what your options are for completing your order with us here at Adexon.

This article will talk you through all expected timescales, which staff members you are likely to be interacting with, and how long operations may take on our side.

Diagram showing ordering process, from initial contact to Servicing and maintenance.  Made with green boxes.

Initial Contact

Your first point of contact may come from one of two locations.

From an enquiry form on the website or via social media

This will then be picked up by a member of the marketing team, for example, Jack, who is head of Digital Customer Experience. This can be followed up by a return email, or a phone call if the matter is more pressing, and/ or if you require it.

From an email or phone

We aim to respond within the working day to this and will either respond to you personally or hand over your enquiry to a more suitable team member, followed by a message to inform you of this.

Enquiry Received

The next stage would be to discuss the project with the most suited member of staff, to discern if we have all the information necessary for quote generation. This would mean you may be passed on to separate members of the Adexon team, who are the most knowledgeable in their key areas, such as:

  • Tom, our Business Development Manager, provides expertise in handling specialist orders with specification or regulations queries.

  • Jamie, our Design and Installations manager, handles specialist, technical queries.

The duration of this stage is highly dependent on the client’s specification, and a review of requirements will be carried out which would include:

  • The product standards to be used, together with any supplementary requirements;

  • Statutory and regulatory requirements;

  • Any additional requirements determined and the capability of Adexon to meet the prescribed requirements.

This can range from a working day to a week in more complex cases.

Quote Generation

Your project will then go to the quote stage. Most quotes are generated laterally by multiple members of staff, including Eileen, who is the accounts manager, and those trained in technical drawings, like Jamie.

This quote stage will be completed within 1- 5 working days and will be emailed to the client to eSign.

Man and woman discuss a graph, pointing at it with pencils.

Image from, courtesy of Alena Darmel

Quote Receipt and Acceptance

The client can then read the quote and our standard Terms and Conditions and electronically sign off on them. This is especially important as by signing the quote, you are confirming the quote is to your specification.

Any amendments after this point will be classed as a variation to the order and increase expected timescales.

Survey and Design or Drawings

Some clients will come to Adexon and will need a full survey and design package, while others will have their own drawings. Either way, Adexon’s in-house technical department can assist with this.

Our in-house team aim to have prepared, completed and delivered all surveys and technical drawings in 6-8 weeks, but this can be accelerated if the client does not need a survey and design, as they have their own technical drawings, or they do not require them. Once the drawings have been approved and signed off by the client we can then move on to the next stage.


The manufacture stage is standardised at 12 weeks, but this will depend on each unique order. Standard Fire Curtains and Fire Shutters can be manufactured on a shorter lead time, whilst larger, more specialised orders may take longer. Upon ordering, we can advise on potential timescales and discuss the option of fast-traking your order.

The fast trak processing, if applicable, will allow for production to place your order ahead of current orders, however, due to the decreased time frame for manufacture, and increased time that will be spent on it, there is an associated increase in cost, from around 12.5-25% of the final quoted fee.

Once the Fire Curtain is manufactured and has been checked by quality control, it will be dispatched for delivery.

During the manufacturing process, your contact with the office will be minimal, but we remain on hand to answer any questions you may have.

4 fire curtains, in red, black, grey, and silver.

Company product render


Standard delivery usually takes around 1 week and will arrive at the location specified by you. This can be to the installation site, or to a storage facility of your choosing.


Your Fire Curtain will then be installed and commissioned by your friendly Adexon engineer.

We aim for this to be completed in less than 1 week but depending on the size of the order this may change.

The Fire Curtain will then be demonstrated to the client, or building manager, to fully explain,

  • how the system works

  • how to visually inspect the product and

  • how to carry out the weekly tests.

Scheduled Maintenance & Service

The next time you see us will likely be for your biannual Fire Curtain Scheduled Maintenance and Servicing (SMS), but we are always only a phone call away, and will gladly help with any further matters that arise.

3 black Fire Curtains descending over 3 lifts

Company product render for a bank of lifts.

It is difficult to generalise a rough guide for Fire Curtain orders due to the number of client variables, and the custom nature of the systems. However, most Fire Curtain orders from initial contact to commissioning will generally take less than 22 weeks.

Larger, more complex orders however will usually take around 22 weeks.

If you have any questions regarding our products or wish to discuss the ordering process, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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