See You in 2022! Happy New Year From Adexon®

Updated: Apr 21

It has been a mixed bag for all of us this year, both personally, with weddings, new-born babies, new pets alongside family losses and for the business, with lockdowns, coming back into the office (and into the world), the construction industry getting back to its feet, and hiring new staff to the company.

As midnight on New Year’s Eve approaches, Adexon® reflects on 2021 and our hopes for 2022.

Do you have any personal New Year’s resolutions that you would be willing to share?

Tom: I will start my days earlier and make more time for important things in life.

Jess: I will try to be braver in all aspects of my life and make more time for my hobbies. Maybe I will eventually learn to embroider after all!

Jack: I’m going to try getting back to the fitness that I once had. Although I’m not quite sure if I have the capabilities, I do have the intentions. (Surely that is half the battle?!)

Jamie: I would like to become more active; I spend a lot of the day seated, so I will time block some time to go to the gym or for a run.

Charles: I’d (quietly) like to get fit enough to complete The Bob Graham Round but family commitments may determine otherwise!*

*To those who were not aware, like me, The Bob Graham Round is the completion of the 66 miles, 27,000 ft circuit of 42 of the highest peaks in the English Lake District within 24 hours!

Do you have professional New Year’s resolutions you would be willing to share?

Tom: I want to ensure Adexon® is successful in my first full year, and that we hit the goals set as a team!

Jess: I think I would like to continue to develop my SEO skills and continue to craft my own authentic voice in my writing.

Jack: Professionally, I want to expand the knowledge I already have on Marketing. I want to do this by utilising my spare time a bit more, whether that be watching podcasts or reading books.

Jamie: I will seize more opportunities. I don’t want to let the daily whirlwind be an excuse not to explore every opportunity.

Charles: I hope to help the business development continue in line with plans and its potential whilst seeing more numbers behind our product’s sustainability contributions.

Your favourite personal moment this year?

Tom: My favourite moment this year was definitely seeing my son take his first steps.

Jess: I got married this summer, despite the odds! Seeing our families and friends come together on our wedding day, and genuinely enjoy each other’s company so much was a real highlight for us. One of our cherished memories was sitting together at our table and looking out at them all mixing! We also completed our long-awaited dog adoption journey this year and got our dog, Jude, a lovely ex-racing greyhound, who is a delight.

Jack: My favourite moment this year was experiencing moving away from home to another country and living with my partner.

Jamie: Watching my sister graduate and become a teacher was a real highlight for me.

Charles: It’s got to be Woodrow arriving safely!

Your professional highlight this year?

Tom: This would definitely be joining Adexon and finally finding a company that I feel match my ambitions.

Jess: Truthfully, my whole year has been a highlight for me! Going from my previous job where I was bored and had no outlet for any of my skills, to finding a career that values my intellect and writing skills is something I genuinely never thought would happen. Oh, and seeing my Blog on the first page of Google was very cool!!

Jack: My professional highlight would be securing a job that I love doing, in my preferred industry (digital marketing), especially during these unprecedented times of the pandemic.

Jamie: Watching new staff that I helped recruit bed in well, become part of the team, and grow into their roles has been lovely.

Charles: I don’t think there is one particular highlight as there have been many, including seeing colleagues fulfil their potential and develop professionally, and new additions that have joined us and brought a really distinctive contribution to the team.

How will you spend New Year’s Eve this year?

Tom: I’m not too sure yet. We’ll have to see what December brings!

Jess: Our New Year’s tradition is to have some buffet food and watch Jools Holland’s Annual Hootenanny with a tipple or two at home! We prefer to see the New Year in how we want to spend the rest of the year- warm, relaxed and surrounded by our favourite people!

Jack: I’ll be celebrating another year with the people I love (and you guessed it ... drunk!)

Jamie: Making merry with my friends.

Charles: Surrounded by family, pretty restfully I imagine.

From all of us to all of you- Happy New Year!

See you in 2022!


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