What do I Need to Order a Fire Curtain?

Before you approach any Fire Curtain specialists it would be advantageous to have the following information.

This will ensure you have everything you need to keep your asset safe from fire.

Any Fire Curtain supplier will be happy to advise you if you are unsure about any of the following areas, but you will find that you can also save time if you are prepared before the initial phone call.

1. The configuration of the Fire Curtain

If you know ahead of time which configuration of Fire Curtain you need, then you can be clear and precise with ordering.

If you are covering a doorway or a lift, you will usually require a vertical Active Fire Curtain. This deploys from top to bottom and can be manufactured to cover most vertical features.

If you are looking to encircle a standalone feature, such as an atrium or spiral staircase, you will require a concertina curtain. These accordion style Fire Curtains also descend from top to bottom but enclose or wrap around the feature.

The last configuration is horizontal. Horizontal Fire Curtains traditionally cover openings in floors or ceilings and deploy laterally, from one side to the other. This ensures that fire and smoke cannot spread to upper or lower levels of multistorey buildings.

2. The performance types

Fire Curtains are either ‘e’, ‘ei,’ or ‘ew’ rated depending on their specific abilities as a product. Each rating is certified for an allotted number of minutes, which increases in 30- minute intervals.

They can also have added smoke protection, by including smoke seals.

The coding of Adexon Fire and Smoke Curtains with different colours for emphasis.


The standard variation is for ‘e’ rated curtains which have in-built integrity rating. This integrity rating limits and controls the spread of flames.


Fire Curtains with ‘ew’ rating are highly specialised, limit and control the spread of fire, while the aluminium layers maintain low emission of radiation for 120 minutes at 1000°C ≤15Kw/m2 (w).

‘ew’ Fire Curtains are best utilised when they need an ‘ei’ curtain, but the setting does not allow for the inclusion of sprinklers.

They are ideal for protecting means of escape, such as safe routes out of the building, as it reduces heat transfer through the curtain, meaning that people can walk past it safely and are protected from the potentially damaging effects of the heat of fire.


Fire Curtains with ‘ei’ rating are only used when people are likely to come into close contract with the Fire Curtain itself, for example, within 1m when escaping.

It is used in conjunction with open sprinkler water cooling to ensure a lowered temperature on the face of the Curtain.

Fire Curtains with an ‘ei’ rating feature integrity (e) and insulation (i) rating, which give it extra protection. This limits and controls the spread of fire and hot gases (e) while also reducing temperatures on the face of the curtain to <140°C (i).


Smoke Curtains control the spread of smoke and channel it towards suitable smoke evacuation points.

The Adexon-SC60DH will resist the non-penetration of smoke for 60 minutes at 1,000°C while the ADEXON-SC150DA will ensure protection for 150 minutes at 600°C.

This reduces the chance of smoke related injuries, allows people to evacuate with increased safety, and reduces the likelihood of smoke damage.

Automatic Fire Curtain headboxes and side guides provided by Adexon- in red, black, grey, and silver

3. The timeframe of the project

As Fire and Smoke Curtains are manufactured to your exact requirements, it is essential that you advise Fire Curtain manufacturers if you need the order to be rushed, or fast-traked.

The lead time with Adexon Fire Curtains is around 10-12 weeks for standard curtains from contract acceptance to final commissioning. So, if you needed the curtain manufactured faster than this this would need to be emphasised at the point of order.

Fast trak processing, if applicable to the order, will allow for manufacturing to put your order at the front of the queue for manufacture, thereby reducing manufacture lead time.

However, please be aware that there will be an associated cost with fast-traking orders of between 12.5-25% surcharge.

Similarly, if you are collecting quotes for projects 18-months away, we can ensure the Fire Curtain is not manufactured too early, which could render it unusable if design specifications change.

Similarly, you may find that your Fire or Smoke Curtain is out of its warranty period by the date on install if ordered too early.

4. The measurements of the Fire Curtain

As each product is manufactured to your requirements, every Fire Curtain manufactured is likely to have a different drop and width.

As such, measurements will need to be precisely taken ahead of the manufacture process.

If customers have their own drawings, we can use these, but you should be aware that an Adexon survey will need to be carried out on your behalf to ensure your Fire Curtain will be a perfect fit.

5. The cost requirements of the project

It is important to speak to your Fire Curtain supplier early on so they can advise budgetary costs and you incorporate these into the project.

Bringing the supplier in early ensures the cost of the Fire Curtain is known early on and be accounted for. This removes any oversights later.

You should also be sure to get a cost per curtain that is inclusive of all optional extras.

If your supplier hasn’t included the cost of painting, delivery, install or surveying, these costs can be substantial and a shock to anyone, so be sure to get all costs upfront!

With this good foundational knowledge, you will now know exactly what you need to order your own bespoke Active Fire protection measure.

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