What is Syntha Pulvin Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a dry coating process used as a metal finish mostly on industrial equipment. Powder coating is applied as dry powder through an electrostatic process, then cured with heat. It is well known for providing high-quality finishes in terms of both functionality and overall look.[1]

Powder coating allows for the metal parts of the Fire Curtain to be coloured and adds ‘longevity and increased protection, [as they] repel corrosive materials, such as chemicals and water.’[2]

Syntha Pulvin powder coating, however, is deemed to be of a different standard to traditional RAL powder coatings.

Syntha Pulvin is the premier architectural powder coatings brand in Europe, setting the industry standard in terms of innovation, quality and service.[3]

Why do I want Syntha Pulvin powder coating?

If you find yourself in one of the three following scenarios, you may need to consider specialist powder coating.

1. If you need a wide range of colours and finishes

2. If you need specific protection

3. If you would prefer a 30-year warranty.

In these situations, you may need Syntha Pulvin powder coating.

1. I need a wide range of colours and finishes.

Syntha Pulvin can accommodate a wide range of colours and finishes in their collections, meaning that you will find the finish and colour you need with ease.

This means that should you have a specific design aesthetic you are looking to maintain, the finish to your automatic Fire and Smoke Curtains will not interrupt this.

The Standard Collection

The standard range comes in around 90 RAL-compatible colours.[4]

It is also available in a selection of finishes, including

  • Matt

  • Fine texture

  • Metallic

  • Satin

  • Gloss

Syntha Pulvin Green selections from the standard collection

The Vision 2020 Collection

If you are looking to keep up with modern colour trends, you could also choose from the 48 specially selected Vision 2020 colours. These aim to give businesses modern choices with carefully curated colour choices.[5]

The colour chart for the Syntha Pulvin Vision 2020 collection

The Anodite Collection

The Anodite range offers the metallic colours of anodising alongside the protection associated with powder coating.

Anodite is a new generation of architectural polyester powder coatings with a smooth, low-gloss, metallic appearance designed to simulate the colors of anodizing but with the added advantages of hiding surface imperfections and defects in the metal.[6]

The Echelon Collection

The combination of fluoropolymer resin and solar reflective ceramic pigments defends against ultraviolet radiation, enhancing thermal stability to combat wear and tear of the coating and prevent costly repairs.

The Echelon product range delivers

  • a highly durable finish

  • excellent gloss retention, and

  • resistance to chalking and colour fade.[7]

Colour chart from the Syntha Pulvin Echelon colour chart

2. I need specific protection

Syntha Pulvin specialist finishes protect architectural aluminium and galvanised steel that is exposed to extreme weather and ultraviolet conditions.

Each specific Syntha Pulvin coating has specific weathering and protection benefits, leaving you the option to choose the exact protection you require. This way you can ensure specific protection for features that are exposed, for example, those near salt water, or those exposed to the weathering effects of UV rays.

This also allows you to ensure that you are not paying for specialist treatments when you do not require them.

The Anodite Collection

  • Meets the requirements of QUALICOAT class 1.5 and GSB standards, so it is highly resistant to the effects of weathering.

  • Superior resistance to UV rays, salt spray, and humidity

  • Outstanding colour consistency

  • Ability to form finished product without cracking or crazing

  • Protection of structural integrity

  • Added resistance to marring, scratching, and abrasion

  • Protects against damage during shipment and field exposure

  • Allows for field touch-ups and repairs.[8]

The Echelon Collection

The combination of fluoropolymer resin and solar reflective ceramic pigments defends against ultraviolet radiation, enhancing thermal stability to combat wear and tear of the coating and prevent costly repairs.

  • Superior durability

  • 10 years Florida ‐ AAMA 2605 compliance

  • Outstanding resistance to fading and chalking

  • Excellent hardness and scratch resistance for high-traffic areas in airports, shopping centres, and educational facilities.[9] [10]

Brightly colored building, similar to what could be achieved with Syntha Pulvin powder coating

3. I need a 30-year warranty.

Syntha Pulvin architectural powder coating differs from standard powder coating.

Sherwin-Williams are proud to champion a process that is required to pass rigorous testing procedures to gain Approved Applicator status.

To achieve this status, potential applicators must hold ISO 9001 approval and need to pass a 12-week testing program to ensure the quality of

  • Pre-treatment

  • Surface appearance

  • Colour

  • Gloss

  • Curing

  • Corrosion resistance

  • Adhesion to the substrate.

Following the passing of this status, each applicator is audited regularly to ensure continued compliance. [11]

These rigorous standards ensure that all manufacturers that offer Syntha Pulvin as a finishing choice uphold the rigorous standard and ensure customers do not need to claim the 30-year warranty.

As the UK’s first 30-year architectural coating guarantee to cover key performance parameters including colour, gloss and adhesion, the Syntha Pulvin guarantee is your assurance of quality and reliability.[12]

Syntha Pulvin at 100 Bishopsgate, London

While working in partnership with Brookfield Office properties and Great Portland Estates, Adexon had the pleasure of providing 101 ADEXON®- FCe30 flame-resisting Fire Curtain systems for 100 Bishopsgate, London.

A selection of these active Fire Curtains featured Syntha Pulvin powder coating to provide an anodised copper effect on the stainless-steel bottom bar and side guides.

Bottom bar in Syntha Pulvin powder coating

This design aesthetic was very important to architects Allies and Morrison, and Syntha Pulvin powder coating allows for the perfect marriage between design and protection.

The Anodite range allows for increased resistance to marring, scratching, and abrasion, while also ensuring that the bottom bar and side guides can be touched up should they become damaged. It also allows for the colour palette and feel of a space to be maintained.

Have you ever used Syntha Pulvin on a project?

Let us know in the comments!

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