Where can I buy Active Fire Curtains in the UK?

Updated: Mar 10

Are you looking for an Active Fire and Smoke Curtain supplier in the UK? When using the internet to research suppliers for your Active Fire Curtain, it can be difficult to know who suits your needs when given so many choices.

Each company will likely display favourable reviews on their own webpages but receiving impartial reviews can be more difficult. Google reviews is one way you can achieve this, as it displays customer feedback that is positive and negative.

The top seven companies found on the search engine Google are included below, to help you make an informed choice. The quotes are from their direct pages, with light editing for grammar and/or clarity.

1. Coopers Fire[1]

"For over 30 years, Coopers Fire innovation and commitment to developing industry-leading fire and smoke curtains has led us to become the designers preferred fire and smoke curtain manufacturer and installer.

As part of the long-term family-owned Lowe and Fletcher Group, Coopers Fire design, manufacture, install and service innovative andbespoke Smoke and Fire Curtains for buildings. We aim for profitable growth by meeting the needs of our customers worldwide.”

Office location: Waterlooville, Hampshire

Google review: 3.6/5 stars, 11 reviews.

2. Fire Curtains Ltd[2]

"Fire Curtains Group Ltd. specialises in the design, manufacture, installation and servicing of bespoke, certified fire and smoke barrier systems available for domestic, commercial, and industrial use.

Founded in 2005 we have grown to a form a group of over 65 employees, with manufacturing facilities in both the UK and India, supplying and installing fire and smoke barriers globally.

We pride ourselves on being recognised as one of the top global companies for manufacturing operable fire and smoke curtain barriers with our clients ranging from high profile, international organisations across multiple sectors to industry and domestic UK customers.”

Office location: Syston, Leicestershire

Google review: 5/5 stars, 3 reviews.

3. A1S Group[3]

A friendly and compliance savvy team awaits all your enquiries. We will firstly analyse any architectural specification and critically, where relevant, review any fire strategy documentation to ensure that the products we quote are fully compliant for your project. The A1S team has significant experience in decoding such documentation and will always collaborate with your wider design team in a timely and informative manner.

Fire strategies, particularly when involving fire curtains can be notoriously complex and an experienced and thorough approach to quoting is paramount when life safety critical equipment is being specified. A1S Group products are increasingly being specified by UK architects and our sales team welcomes direct contact for illustrative drawings and product specifications.”

Office location: Bolton

Google review: 4.4/5 stars, 18 reviews.

4. Neco-fire-gard[4]

“Founded over a decade ago, NECO Fire Gard is a leading British manufacturer, supplier and installer of fire curtains, smoke curtains, fire shutters, and steel fire doors.

NECO Fire Gard also offer a bespoke repairs and maintenance service to suit all types of fire curtain. We are committed to investing heavily in research and development to ensure we continue to deliver innovative, industry-leading products and services which exceed the scrupulous standards demanded by the Fire Safety Industry in the UK and Internationally.”

Office location: Glamorgan, Wales

Google review: 5/5 stars, 4 reviews

5. UK Roller Shutters[5]

“Here at UK Roller Shutters, we pride ourselves on being UK based. Our collection of shutter types amongst other coverings, such as fly screens and fire protection, is extensive. We also offer a variety of installation, servicing, repair and maintenance services for roller shutters including contracts and one-off repairs.

We pride ourselves on offering high quality roller shutters that are within your budget and provide the protection you need. We work with architects, homeowners, and business owners, whatever their size, to ensure their premises and homes are protected with up-to-date roller shutters that are guaranteed long service life and efficiency.”

Office location: Wolverhampton

Google review: 4.2/5, 12 reviews.

6. Colt[6]

“Colt was founded by Jack O’Hea in 1931 in London and is run from a UK base, with an additional sales office in Glasgow.

We are part of the Colt Group, which is present around the world through locally staffed companies and strategic partners backed by a global organisation. This means that our local teams are able to support customers in the UK with the best.”

Office location: Petersfield, Hampshire

No Google reviews found.

7. HAG[7]

“As a second-generation family partnership, HAG continues to value the foundations that were originally laid down in 1983. Our committed team work together to provide reliability, integrity, and high quality of workmanship. As a respected manufacturer and installer, we take pride in all the stages of our work from the design of a door system, manufacturing through to the installation and commissioning, ensuring that the same high standards are consistent throughout the process.

Delivering consistency in workmanship has made HAG the preferred supplier for many of the UK’s emergency services, including the UK Fire and Rescue Service, NHS, Police and Coastguard.”

Office location: Bristol

Google review: 4.4/5, 14 reviews.

What Should I Know in Advance?

When you approach an Active Fire or Smoke Curtain company, although they would be able to advise you, it is best to know which configuration of Fire Curtain you will need, and which performance type.

There is a blog post on our website which can help you to decide which type you need before you reach out for a quote, entitled ‘What is a Fire Curtain?’

Other information that it would be useful to know:

  • how many curtains you will need.

  • The measurements of the curtain you require.

  • Which specification type you need, for example an e, ei, or ew Fire Curtain

Once you have a good idea of your requirements for an Active Fire or Smoke Curtain, you can make an informed choice about possible suppliers that may be local to you, although it can be worth enquiring if you feel particularly drawn to a specific company, especially if you have had a word-of-mouth recommendation from a trusted source.

By heading into conversations with Active Fire Protection companies with the facts you need, you can ensure that you get the most out of your supplier of choice. Spending some time increasing your knowledge of Fire and Smoke Curtains will ensure that you make an informed decision and that your requirements are precise and specific, which should in turn speed up the quoting process.

All Adexon design, quotes, and project management are completed in a timely manner by our approachable, professional, in-house specialists, who will happily answer any questions and provide you with quotes if you decide our business is for you. If you would like further information, please head to the Blog page on our website to read a selection of materials to support your knowledge development or explore the various product brochures on the Products & Downloads section if you require further technical information.


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