Concertina Fire Curtain · 120min · CFC120E

  • Atria, staircases, escalators
  • Encapsulating free-standing kitchens or technology hubs
  • Covering compartment walls
  • Wrapping around decked or bar areas
Nope, we haven’t thought of any!

CFC120e Concertina Fire Curtain Certification:

  • BS EN 16034:2014
  • Fire Safety Certification, Fire Performance, No. APF-1973

Integrity, e, rating: 120 minutes

Radiation, w, rating: N/A

Insulation, i, rating: N/A

Curtain Smoke Performance: N/A

CFC120e provide the capability to completely encapsulate an area or feature and keep it entirely separate from the main space, without requiring columns or supports. There are no guides or vertical poles that need to remain in place whilst the curtain is open.
Manufactured to dimensions that suit almost all site requirements.




Uniclass Specification

Adexon Concertina Fire Curtain for Elevators 120 mins CFC120e