Adexon Fire & Smoke is the Cubex group business that focusses entirely on manufacturing and installing fire and smoke curtains. Since 2005 Adexon has been dedicated to improvement and raising the bar. For Adexon this translates into improving fire safety. This has taken on even greater significance post Grenfell. You can read more about the significance and need for fire safety improvements here.

In recent years Adexon has been awarded a number of prestigious project wins and has used these opportunities to increase investment in both product development and automation of production. Examples are:

  • ‘bolt-free’ fabric retention on Adexon fire curtains design removes potential tearing and snagging issues giving a low-maintenance solution
  • smoke control with fire resistant components
  • highly automated production and lean processes

Alongside our work on our core products, we are on a journey to drive improvement in fire safety for everyone.

One aspect of our research looks at “The essential need for 3rd party certification:

  • From a UKAS (or equivalent) accredited Notified Body – currently maintained by the Notified Body
  • Contains explicit product details e.g. of what sizes are tested and the components
  • Comes with a Technical Annexe as provided by CE marking”

Also, why, whilst 3rd party certification is essential, CE marking is critical, especially for life-safety products such as relating to fire.

The research will show if you can “take the manufacturer’s word for it”, or if the above certification is indeed essential. 

We will include manufacturers big and small, with the objective of showing an impartial assessment that is right for fire safety.

Some of the team

Charles Devenish

Managing Director

Charles has been at the forefront of the Cubex and Adexon businesses for over 18 years. With a strong background in science and engineering, Charles has impeccable attention to detail that ensures successful long-term outcomes. He holds trust, integrity, loyalty, and principles at the core of his work, making him a risk-averse yet pioneering long-term thinker.

Jamie Nelson

Design & Installation Manager

Jamie has an impressive track record in his field. He has continued to exceed expectations, playing a key role in the delivery of our products on some of Europe’s most prestigious projects, such as 100 Bishopsgate and the New US Embassy in London’s Nine Elms district.

Jack McKinney

Business Development Executive

Jack is an enthusiastic, personable, and results-oriented team member. He has recently completed his undergraduate degree in Advertising and Public Relations, and he has a great passion for fire safety. If you are looking for an introduction to our products and services, Jack is the person who can get you connected quickly and efficiently.

Eileen Brewer

Operations Document Control​

With over 25 years of experience in construction and contracts administration, as well as logistics planning and delivery, Eileen is a reliable and trusted member of our team. Her “can-do” attitude and attention to detail make her the go-to person for vital documentation and follow-up.

Zola Remmington

Systems & Accounts Assistant

Zola is our Systems assistant who has been with us for two years. With her exceptional academic background, Zola has proven herself to be a superb addition to our team. Zola’s passion for learning and eagerness to develop our software systems has been a great asset to our team.