A bank of lifts in a reception area with 3 Fire Curtains descending over the lift front.

Pioneering The Earth's Most Sustainable Fire Curtains

Adexon’s mission is to make buildings safer for the people who inhabit them. Injuries and fatalities from fire and smoke spread are avoidable and as such we are committed to providing Active Fire Protection products to mitigate these risks. This, coupled with a focus on reducing our carbon footprint ensures the unity of safety, technology, and sustainability.

Trusted Across the Country 
in the Most Prestigious of Buildings

Our previous projects and clients.

100 Bishopsgate

Adexon®  installed 106 ADEXON®- FCe30 flame resisting fire curtain systems, with custom satin finish on the stainless steel fixtures.


The London Development Project

We installed 3 varieties of Active Fire Curtain systems, including an ADEXON-FCe120, an ADEXON-FCe90, and an ADEXON-FCe30, with a custom brushed stainless steel finish.


Bluebell Park

 We installed 4 ADEXON-FCe60 integrity ‘e’ rated Fire Curtain systems alongside an ADEXON-FRS60 Fire Shutter to ensure the safety and security of residents for years to come.


St Helens' Place

Adexon partnered with Allies and Morrison, Brookfield, and Multiplex to install 5 ADEXON-FCei90 Active Fire Curtain systems. 

St James' Market

The Adexon®  team installed a selection of 18 ADEXON-FCe30 and ADEXON-FCe60 active Fire Curtain systems. 



4 Adexon-FC240e Horizontal Active Fire Curtain systems were installed at the Liverpool University. 

Why Adexon Fire & Smoke?

Protecting Buildings the Adexon Way

Be a Part of Something Bigger

Are you a pioneer of sustainability at your company? Spearhead the change from the ‘race-to-the-bottom’ ideology and move towards a sustainable future.   

Supreme Service

Trust us to handle the project from design through to sign off. We know you have enough to do already.

Meet Company Targets

Let us help you meet your environmental targets, while also providing appropriate and essential fire safety measures, by utilising products that help to do good for the environment, making you feel good in the process.

Why Fire Curtains?

Fire Protection for the Modern World

Keeping People Safe

Sleep soundly knowing that your Active Fire Protection will give building users ample escape time if a fire occurs. 

Protecting Property

Feel safe in the knowledge that Active Fire Curtains will stop the spread of smoke and fire throughout your building.

Open Plan Design

Facilitating open plan designs, removing the need for non-loadbearing plasterboard walls and fire-resistant glazing.

How We Do It


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Who We Are

Adexon® are proud to be pioneering the Earth’s most sustainable Fire Curtains and have sold, installed, and maintained some of the most technically challenging active fire curtain solutions to prestigious UK projects, including The Crown Estate at St James’ Market, 100 Bishopsgate, and The British Aerospace Flight Training Academy, since coming to market in 2008. With clients across the UK and a global focus, Adexon® challenges the ‘race-to-the-bottom’ ideology and creates quality, fire-protection products that bring Whole-Life Value and maintain a negligible carbon footprint for the planet. We want to do the best for our clients, stakeholders, and the Earth.

Our Mission

Adexon’s® mission is to provide Fire and Smoke curtains that have a negligible carbon footprint. This helps us protect you now, from hazardous fire outbreaks, while also maintaining the future of the planet for generations to come. Adexon® will achieve this mission by continually enhancing our processes, finding the sustainable alternative; and putting safety at the heart of all we do.

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