Concertina Smoke Curtain · 60min · CSC60DH

  • Atria, Staircases, escalators
  • Encapsulating free-standing kitchens or technology hubs
  • Covering compartment walls
  • Wrapping around decked or bar areas
  • Wrapping around decked or bar areas

Adexon CSC60DH Concertina Smoke Curtain Certification:

  • EN 12101-1:2005
  • EN 12101-1:2007/A1:2006
  • CE Certification
  • Certificate of Constancy of Performance No. 0370-CPR-6417 (Notified Body Nr.0370)

Integrity, e, rating: N/A

Radiation, w, rating: N/A

Insulation, i, rating: N/A

Curtain Smoke Performance: 60 DH

The CSC60DH limits and controls the movement of smoke, with the classification of 60DH. The concertina smoke curtain provides bespoke options to completely encapsulate an area or feature and keep it entirely separate from the main space.
Unlimited Width x 10m




Uniclass Specification

Adexon Concertina Smoke Curtain 60 mins CSC60DH