A few of the buildings protected by Adexon fire and smoke curtain systems.

Blubell Park

We installed four FCe60 integrity ‘e’ rated fire curtains alongside an FRS60 fire shutter to ensure the safety and security of residents.

100 Bishopsgate

We installed 106 FCe30 flame resisting fire curtain systems, with custom satin finish on stainless steel fixtures.

St James's Market

The team installed a selection of 18 FCe30 and FCe60 fire curtain systems. 


We installed three types of fire curtain systems – all with a custom brushed stainless steel finish.

LJMU Redmond's Bld

Four horizontal fire curtain systems installed at the Liverpool University. ​

St Helen's Place

We partnered with Allies & Morrison, Brookfield, and Multiplex to install five fire curtain systems.​

UKAS certification