Case Study · 100 Bishopsgate

Built by the 100 Bishopsgate Partnership, a joint venture between Brookfield Office properties and Great Portland Estates, and designed by Allies and Morrison, who had previously worked together on City Place House, 55 Basinghall Street; 100 Bishopsgate sits in the eastern edge of London’s financial district, a stone’s throw from landmarks such as the Gherkin.


During this project, we installed 105 of our Adexon fire curtains including a number of the Adexon-FC60EW. As the building focuses on panoramic views and high-quality open concept office spaces, it was integral that we ensured that our products did not interfere with the aesthetics of the building but would still provide the necessary fire safety that would be expected.


We successfully installed all systems on time

Our relationship with Brookfield Properties continues with servicing and maintaining the fire curtain systems in-situ.


Alongside Brookfield Office Properties and Great Portland Estates, Allies and Morrison; Adexon worked with Multiplex as the main contractor, who we have partnered with before to complete a project for multinational investment bank Goldman Sachs; and BDL Dry Lining who have esteemed standing within the market because of previous prestigious London projects such as BBC worldwide HQ and Paddington Square.

100 Bishopsgate and 15 St Helens Place provides over 10,033,060 sqft of net lettable space and was referred to in The Guardian as the “UKs most expensive office block.” with a build-price upwards of £400 million.

The dual- building site spans between St Ethelburga’s Church and Camomile Street and is one of the largest commercial buildings in London with open plan office spaces, for eminent clients such as The Royal Bank of Canada and Paul Hastings LLP.


100 Bishopsgate required the timely installation of a large quantity of fire curtains to compartmentalise the building and ensure that fire could not spread from floor-to-floor, in a manner that did not impede on design aesthetics.

This required the application of non-standard galvanised steel curtain housing, and satin finished stainless steel bottom, and guide, rails.


UKAS certification