Adexon Fire & Smoke Curtains are proud members of several BSi National Committees

Adexon Fire & Smoke Curtains are thrilled to share some exciting company news: We are now proud members of several BSI National Committees, contributing to the enhancement of standards, for a safer tomorrow.

Our new BSI memberships:

  • FSH 25 (BS 8524 and BS EN 12101-1:2020): Smoke Heat control systems and components
  • B/538/1 (BS EN 16034:2014): Windows and doors
  • FSH/22/-/5 (ISO 21524:2021, BS EN 15269-1, 11 and 20): Fire resistance tests for doors
  • B/538/5 (BS EN 13241:2003 + A2:2016): Industrial and commercial garage doors and gates

Working diligently where we can make the most impact, Adexon Fire & Smoke Curtains is committed to driving improvement in British and European standards. We advocate for:

  • The introduction of a hot smoke test in BS EN 1634-3,
  • Only using BS EN 1634-1 for the fire test (and not BS 476), and
  • Removing the dangerous hot motor test in BS 8524-1 (or introducing strict controls that are practical in a fire situation).

You can read about some of the work we have already done concerning BS 8524-1 here, “BS 8524-1: A conflicting national standard that should be formally withdrawn – and the improvements it needed

Curious about what it means to be a BSI committee member? Here is a snippet from BSI:

Committee members are the heart of the standards-making process and BSI’s role as a National Standards Body (NSB). The fundamental principles of the role of committee members are set out in BS 0. This policy is intended to supplement and complement BS 0 by providing more detail, clarity, and transparency about the role of committee members and the relationship between them and BSI.

Being a committee member involves spending time providing pro bono expertise to create standards. A committee member is an unpaid, voluntary role and as such best practice in volunteer management has informed and underpinned this policy.”

(Read the full member policy PDF here:

What’s Next?

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  • Learn more about our advocacy efforts and how you can contribute to creating a safer environment, view our resources here