Legal + Certified + Better

BS EN 16034 sits at the intersection of ‘Legal + Certified + Better’. 

The active fire curtains sweet spot:

BS 8524 does not sit in any of these circles.

  • BS 8524 has never achieved harmonised status so cannot provide a route to legal compliance with the CPR.
    See, The one reason why CE marking is legally required on all vertical fire curtains,
  • BS 8524 has no valid third-party certification scheme; Warringtonfire and IFCC have both withdrawn from BS 8524 as of 9th June 2023. It is misleading for anyone to claim certificate dates imply the certificates are valid.
    To see how critical valid third-party certification is, read – How valid third party certification reduces your risk to close to zero.
  • Short-listed by the London Construction Awards for Fire Safety Solution of the Year 2023, the best design of fire curtains in the UK is not tested to BS 8524; it is tested and third-party certified to BS EN 16034.

See why the UK’s premier design of fire curtains is a nautical mile better than its nearest competitor; Simply put, It is better,

If you are still hearing reasons to use BS 8524, see, Seven reasons cited for using BS 8524. Are they valid?