The Adexon Fire and Smoke Curtains Mission


To make the UK the global leader in active fire and smoke curtains – through quality, innovation, raising performance expectations, and continually improving


Our mission is to foster industry-wide innovation by open-sourcing designs to improve performance and reliability whilst seeking to influence change so third-party certified products and legal compliance are the norm:

  • To ensure every fire curtain is legally compliant and third-party certified (3PC).
  • Trouble-free fire curtains for everyone. To develop open-source designs for the industry so all manufacturers can make fire curtains that work reliably, every time.
  • To influence and drive change so that these tenets and benefits become the fire curtain industry norm.

Why is this important to us?

  1. Because Lives matter. From Grenfell Tower through to the Perth Hotel fire in December 2022 where three people tragically lost their lives. Unnecessarily.
  2. Because fire curtains are exceptional products that have traditionally been limited by poor designs that require overly frequent maintenance interventions
  3. Because the market grows and everyone wins if legal, 3PC fire curtains that don’t require frequent maintenance interventions are the norm.

We ask all manufacturers to rise to a basic standard of safety. To invest and stop doing ‘a sales job’ on the unsuspecting consumer or the trusting professional.

As an industry, we can reach the baseline of 100% of fire curtains being legally compliant and having valid third-party certification to a product standard. As standard.

This isn’t a silver bullet, but we believe it is the gold standard. Let’s make it the norm.

You will still need your purchasing discernment to buy the best design with the lowest maintenance and best user experience, see case-in-point1

Fact 1

Manufacturers are selling fire curtains that do not have valid third-party certification to a product standard.

Can’t quite believe it? No, nor can we. Not after everything that has been espoused over the last decade.

Fact 2

Manufacturers in the UK have promoted standards and sold products that do not comply with legal requirements.

Since 2019, we have reviewed over 30 fire curtain articles and there was not a single mention of what buyers had to purchase to ensure legal compliance with the Construction Products Regulations.

Fact 3

Our product is unquestionably the premier product in the UK but if the industry doesn’t get the basics right, it cannot reliably* progress.  It’s these basics that are our priority right now.

*And ‘reliable’ is as important to the life-safety industry as oxygen is to you and me. It is non-negotiable. Remember where Oceangate’s unregulated ‘innovation’ finished.

On our own, we can only sell legally compliant and third-party certified fire curtains ourselves.

Collaboratively, we can establish the standard of legal compliance and third-party certification for all fire curtains and ensure the widespread adoption of these standards throughout the whole industry.

Your career is primarily determined by getting the most impactful decisions right.

Value proposition

We guarantee legally compliant and third-party certified products, coupled with superior design and performance. Our fast-paced and friendly, client-focused service embodies our commitment to excellence.


Commitment to transparency and accountability

Treat others as you wish to be treated

Principled decision-making, prioritising safety over profit

Positive and constructive attitude

Humility and teamwork

Focus on solutions

Unwavering honesty and trustworthiness

Upholding the highest standards of integrity




Perseverance and relentless dedication

Commitment to continuous improvement

Strong emphasis on teamwork

Meritocracy. Merit-based decision-making and recognition

Pursuit of excellence, not minimum standards.


1 Upholding Fire Safety Standards: Lessons from a recent fire curtain survey (2024) Adexon Fire and Smoke Curtains. Available at: (Accessed: 29 April 2024).