AJ Retrofit LIVE 2023

AJ Retrofit Live 2023

AJ Retrofit Live returned for a second year, uniting architects, their built environment colleagues, clients and lawmakers.

They identified the best retrofit and circular economy practices and discuss the transformational changes we need to see to upgrade the built environment in line with whole-life carbon principles. They also explored a range of conversations that are crucial to the retrofit conversation – technical and design challenges, systemic barriers to retrofit & reuse, and the use of natural and waste materials, to name but a few.

The event was held on 27 September 2023 at 155 Bishopsgate, London.

AJ Retrofit: Full presentation

What is a fire curtain?

Types of fire curtains and their classifications

Key takeaway 1: Fire curtains are brilliant

Key takeaway 2: Don’t be sold the old

Key takeaway 3.1: Don’t chance it – CE marking

Key takeaway 3.2: Don’t chance it – Third-party certification

About Adexon

Benefits of fire curtains

The ‘old’ design and its headaches

The ‘new’ design and its solutions