Horizontal Fire Curtain · 120min · HFC120E

  • Openings in floors, or ceilings
  • Covering over and around
  • Stopping fire spread between floors, for example, to separate levels of a building’s atria
Nope, we haven’t thought of any!

HFC120e Fire Curtain Certification:

  • ISO/DIS 21524-1:2019
  • Fire Safety Certification, Fire Performance, No. APF-1963

Integrity, e, rating: 120 minutes

Radiation, w, rating: N/A

Insulation, i, rating: N/A

Curtain Smoke Performance: N/A

HFC120e are fixed to one or both sides of the opening. Instead of deploying top to bottom, these curtains deploy horizontally from left to right, or vice versa, so are appropriate for different spaces. The HFC120e has an integrity (e) rating, which limits and controls the spread of fire, with the maximum classification of 120 minutes.
3.29m x 4.61m




Uniclass Specification

Adexon Horizontal Fire Curtain for 120 mins HFC120e